Portable Air Disinfectant for ensuring Healthy Air

Is our indoor Air in crisis?

About Us

Clean Air Resources Enterprise is the Authorised sole distributor of Roli International that specialises in the supply of Russian manufactured medical equipment in India.

“While face masks and social distancing are good preventative measures, we need additional measures, such as UV-C light disinfection, to help prevent airborne transmission,” Dr. Bryan Stone, MD, Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Chief of Medicine Emeritus for Desert Regional Medical Center observed.

CARE is committed to provide our customers and the society we serve, the most important things in the world,the fresh, healthy and safe indoor air. Studies show that people spend 90% of their time in closed rooms.Recent studies, by leading Environmental protection organizations show that, our indoor air in living and working areas is sometimes much more polluted than the outside air due to biological and chemical pollutants. In this context CARE strives for contributing sustainable microbe free air solutions to the state of Kerala. Our philosophy in nutshell more safe air-more of healthy life.

 STAY RELAX,STAY SAFE, FERROPLAST will take care of your indoor space.